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SEPTEMBER 12-16, 2023

YOU are an Ambitious Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Professional

  • You know you have a story worth sharing.
  • ​You know you have the potential to achieve great things.
  • ​So often, it can feel like something is holding you back.
  • ​Maybe you don't know where to begin or lack the confidence to take that first step.
  • ​Maybe you've tried before & failed, and don't know how to pick yourself up & try again.
  • Time for a change?

If you are ready...

Take the 5-Day Clarity, Confidence and Cash Accelerator Challenge ($997 Value)

We meet Daily - Tuesday-Saturday (for 60 minutes) at 12 pm Mountain unless otherwise noted

Starting SEPTEMBER 12th FOR

I have some great news for you if any of that sounds familiar. I’m excited to invite you to join our 5-day Clarity, Confidence, and Cash Accelerator Challenge – a program designed to help you unleash your story, gain the confidence to create a plan, and start making serious money.

When you join this challenge, you'll receive all the necessary resources to transform your life and business in just 5  days. Here's what you can expect:

DAY 1-2
Get Clarity on Your Goals
It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you’re trying to figure out what you want to achieve. But in order to make progress, you need to have a clear understanding of what you’re working towards. That’s why on day one and two of the challenge, we’ll help you define your goals in a specific, measurable, and achievable way.
Build Confidence in Your Plan
Once you know what you want to achieve, the next step is creating a plan to get you there. But it’s all too easy to doubt yourself and your abilities. That’s why on day three, I’ll help you boost your confidence and build a plan that you know you can execute successfully.
Take Action and Start Making Money
Now that you have your plan, it’s time to put it into action. On day four, we’ll provide you with the tools and resources you need to start working towards your goals. By the end of day four, you’ll have an actionable and doable plan in place.
Review and Refine Your Strategy
Finally, on day five, we’ll review your progress and help you refine your strategy for even greater success in the future. You’ll leave the program feeling confident, motivated, and ready to take on the world.

Your Host

Hello! My Name is Kellan Fluckiger

From struggling with depression, imposter syndrome and living for external validation to the #1 sought after coach with a full practice, and having a Big Impact...

  • Coach to Super Bowl Winners
  • ​Written and published 18 books with numerous #1 Amazon Best-Sellers.
  • Coach to top Hollywood Actresses, vocal coaches, and world-renowned artist.
  • ​Sought after coach with clients around the world.
  • ​Podcaster with nearly 800 episodes produced
  • ​Creator of the Network and VOD TV Show, Creatives Save The World on Traverse TV

See What Others Are Saying 

"If you're a person looking to work with someone who can help you to make radical changes to get radical results, I highly recommend that you work with my good friend and brother, Kellan Fluckiger. You made a difference for me in my life and for my family."

-Setema Gali,
Super Bowl Winner

"I had an opportunity to work with Kellan for over a year. Kellan is a Master at assisting you to craft your clear message. This is significant because in doing this you get the opportunity to have clear marketing, clear sales conversations, and CASH. 
If you're a coach or consultant, I can promise you, this messaging conversation in modern marketing is going to change everything about  your world."

-Garrett J White
Founder, Wake Up Warrior

"Kellan has an incredible gift for actively listening and synthesizing what you're saying and repeat back to you, giving a matter of clarity that blew me away. He gave me massive clarity and a huge breakthrough. He helped me see the passion and find the passion and even modeled it for me around my message so that I can go out an monetize it. 
Working with someone as gifted as Kellan is a must. Whether you have to travel across the world, you HAVE to work with Kellan."

-Steven Rowell
International Speaker

By The End Of This Challenge You Will:

Step One

Step Two

Step Three

By investing time and effort into finding clarity on your goals, you get a clear direction and pathway to success, allowing you to your fullest potential and live a fulfilling life.
Building confidence in a plan is essential to achieving success, as it allows you to trust your decisions, take calculated risks that lead to meaningful progress towards your goals.
Creating a roadmap to cash is essential not only to meet financial goals, but also to ensure that you have the necessary resources to achieve your objectives and fulfill your potential, ultimately leading to a more prosperous and fulfilling life.
But that’s not all...
You'll also receive a valuable bonus package when you sign up for the Clarity, Confidence, and Cash Accelerator Challenge today. You’ll get access to additional resources that will help you take your business to the next level, including:
A workbook filled with actionable tips and advice.
A private Facebook group where you can connect with other participants and get support.

>> Are You Ready for More?

AND, if you join VIP, you’ll receive 3 1/2 hours of extra coaching (Friday/Saturday) where you can discuss your specific challenges and come up with a strategy for success.
If you’re ready to unleash your story and start making real progress towards your goals, then the Clarity, Confidence, and Cash Accelerator Challenge is exactly what you need.
You’ll receive all this for $17 – a $997 value – but, only for a limited time.
So don’t wait any longer. Sign up for the challenge today, and get ready for a total life transformation - Clarity, Confidence and Cash, in 5 days